What is The ‘SCD’ Specific Carbohydrate Diet?
November 3, 2023

What is The ‘SCD’ Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

Heal The Gut & Improve Brain Function

Kathy Godwin

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is a dietary regimen designed to manage conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. It was initially developed by Dr. Sydney V. Haas in the early 20th century and later popularized by biochemist Elaine Gottschall in her book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle.” The primary goal of the SCD is to restrict the intake of specific types of carbohydrates to help manage and alleviate symptoms associated with digestive disorders.

The core principle of the SCD Diet revolves around the idea that certain carbohydrates, specifically disaccharides and polysaccharides, are not properly absorbed in individuals with compromised digestive systems. By eliminating these complex carbohydrates, it is believed that the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut can be reduced, allowing the digestive system to heal.

The concept of “starving out” overgrown bad bacteria is rooted in the idea that these bacteria thrive on complex carbohydrates, and by removing these from the diet, the harmful bacteria are deprived of their primary energy source. This is thought to create an environment in which beneficial bacteria can flourish which promotes a healthier balance in the gut microbiome.

Research on the gut-brain connection has gained significant attention in recent years. The gut and brain communicate bidirectionally through various pathways including the nervous system, immune system, and the release of signaling molecules. The gut microbiota plays a crucial role in this communication and influences not only digestive health but also mental health and cognitive function.

There is evidence to suggest that an imbalance in the gut microbiome, often referred to as dysbiosis, may contribute to conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. By promoting a healthy gut through dietary interventions like the SCD Diet, it is theorized that one may positively impact the gut-brain axis, potentially improving mental well-being.

Eliminating starches and sugars from the diet, as promoted by the SCD Diet, may have several potential benefits. Starches and sugars are sources of energy for both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut. By reducing these substrates, the diet may help rebalance the gut microbiome and reduce inflammation while promoting gut health.

Many patients and customers I’ve met over the years saw improvements in symptoms and overall well-being after beginning to follow the SCD Diet. Dietary interventions should be approached with caution, and individuals with medical conditions should consult healthcare professionals before making significant changes to their diet.

In summary, the SCD Diet is a specific dietary approach aimed at managing digestive disorders by restricting certain carbohydrates. The idea of “starving out” harmful bacteria and promoting gut health aligns with emerging research on the gut-brain connection and suggests that a healthy digestive system may contribute to improved mental well-being. We offer multiple SCD-friendly meals on all of our menus so place your order now!