Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Plans

First, you choose from one of our five different meal plans and create an account. Each week you have the ability to edit your meal selections and they'll be delivered on Monday.

*The meal plans require a 30-day commitment but can be paused at any time.

It's incredibly simple. Just go to the Meal Plans page, select from one of our five meal plans, create an account, and start choosing your meals!
Of course you can! Our meals change every two weeks and you'll be able to access your account and try out whatever you want on a given menu each week!
Orders placed by noon on Friday will be delivered the following Monday.
It happens. When you create an account, you'll choose default meals. Should you forget to place your order in a given week, your order will consist of your saved defaults.
We're confident you're going to love being on a meal plan! Once your initial 30 days are up, it will continue unless you send us an email to cancel your account.
We change our menu every other Tuesday. We combine old favorites with tasty new meals that you're guaranteed to love!
Click the individual meal within the menu to find out all of the macros, nutrients, and individual ingredients for that meal.
Just log into your account and skip upcoming orders. Be sure to do this before Friday of that week.
We deliver all over northeast Florida. That includes home and office delivery (for a $6 fee) and to pickup locations all over town. You can also stop by our retail store to pick up your meals.

We've got you covered. Just leave a cooler with plenty of ice packs and our delivery drivers will make sure your meals stay cold and fresh! If you forget to leave a cooler then you will incur a $7 charge for a cooler bag.
If you can't find the answer to your question on this FAQ, feel free to email us at and someone will promptly respond.
If you want to change your meal plan subscription, just sign up for the new plan and inform us by either calling (904) 240-0437 or emailing From there, we'll delete your old plan and you'll be good to go!
We will make two efforts to contact you by phone on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do not pick up your food by Wednesday at 7 pm, we will remove it from the shelf. If your meals remain unpicked up for 3 consecutive weeks, we will automatically cancel your account.

(PLEASE NOTE: If meals are not picked up, you will not be eligible for a refund.)

In order to cancel your meal plan subscription, please email with the subject line “Meal Plan Cancellation”.

Meal Plans Made Easy

Whether you're trying to slim down, bulk up, or just get healthier, we have five meal plans custom-made just for you!

View Meal Plans

Menu & A la Carte Ordering

Our A la Carte Menu changes every other Tuesday. Be sure to check in to see which old favorites and new, tasty meals we've added to each new menu!
You sure can! Our family size meals combine four healthy balance meals into one so you have enough food for the entire family!
Orders placed by noon on Tuesday are delivered on Thursday and orders placed by noon on Friday are delivered on Monday.
There is not. You can order any amount of food or cold-pressed juices you want!
Absolutely. Feel free to pick up your orders at either our Southside or Jax Beach store so you can see our amazing staff in action and ask any questions you may have.

Always Fresh

We change our menu of gluten-free meals every two weeks to keep things just as fresh as our healthy food!

Choose Your Meals

Delivery & Pickup

You can find our home and office delivery range here.
We offer free delivery to multiple different locations all over northeast Florida. You can find those locations here.
We deliver to our pickup locations first thing in the morning. Meal plans are delivered on Mondays only, and a la carte orders are delivered from 9am-4pm on both Mondays and Thursdays.
Our drivers will send you a text message to confirm that your meals have been delivered.
We have three different retail locations where you can pop in, say hello, and grab a meal from our Grab ‘n Go refrigerators that are stocked with fresh, gluten-free meals!

Jax Beach Southside Riverside

We will make two efforts to contact you by phone on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do not pick up your food by Wednesday at 7pm, we will remove it from the shelf. If your meals remain unpicked up for 3 consecutive weeks, we will automatically cancel your account.

(PLEASE NOTE: If meals are not picked up, you will not be eligible for a refund.)

Healthy Convenience

We'll deliver our meals to your home or office or you can pick them up from convenient pickup locations all over northeast Florida!

Make Life Easy


The purpose of juicing is to receive the nutrients the body needs to function in a quicker, beneficial, and more enjoyable way. Juicing allows you to get nutrients from veggies, fruits and spices without having to eat them.
Cold pressed juice is the best current way to juice because it helps retain the highest percentage of nutrients within the juice, due to the lack of heat applied during the juicing process.
The purpose of a juice cleanse is to help support the removal of toxins that the body has accumulated over time throughout one’s life. The juice also replenishes the body with nutrients to help you feel rejuvenated, light and healthy.
Juicing allows nutrients to enter the body’s bloodstream immediately, therefore it takes the body less time and less work to distribute. This provides you with energy and in some cases help the body do its natural healing.
Kathy's Table exclusively servces cold-pressed juices.
Separation is a natural process when dealing with all fresh ingredients, lack of separation means that there have been preservatives added to the juice. Added preservatives create a longer lasting juice but, you also sacrifice most of your nutrients.
Cold pressed juice is made to be enjoyed whenever your heart desires. Its best to consume juice on an empty stomach.
Yes. Hunger can still occur depending on person/lifestyle How long does this juice last? It is widely accepted that, fresh cold pressed juice begins to lose nutrients after 72 hours.

100% Natural

All our juices are made from nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives or sweeteners. We have a dedicated nutritionist on staff that personally supervises the cold-pressed juices we make in-house.

Start Fresh

Meal Preparation

We prepare our meals in the kitchen at our retail store so feel free to stop by to see our staff in action. We use fresh, local ingredients to make clean, healthy meals!
When you order a Kathy's Table meal, you are guaranteed that no meal contains gluten or dairy.

Learn more about our our food philosophy here.

We love the northeast Florida community so we make it a point to source all of our ingredients from local farms.
We are not a USDA certified organic facility, but some of our ingredients are organic. We're all about making the healthiest, tastiest meals you'll find!
We prepare our meals in the kitchen at our Southside store so feel free to stop by to see our staff in action. We use fresh, local ingredients to make clean, healthy meals!
We make ALL of our cold-pressed juices in house!

Learn more about our process here.

Most of our Paleo meals are safe for Specific Carbohydrate Diet®, but please email us before ordering if you have specific sensitivities, or are just beginning SCD®.

Our Menu now also features the convenient ability to filter only SCD-compliant meals. Click here to get started!

We Prep, You Enjoy

All of our meals are made in a gluten-free facility and we take great pride in preparing the freshest, healthiest meals you'll find!

Come See Us


We sure can! Just send us an email at before you order and we'll take care of it for you. There is a $5 fee for custom meals.
While we accommodate customers with medical allergies, there is a $5 fee to remove an ingredient from a meal.
We actually have three! You can swing by and pick up your meals at either our Southside, Jax Beach, or Riverside locations and ask questions of our super friendly staff!

Learn about our Southside store here.
Learn about our Jax Beach store here.
Learn about our Riverside store here.

All meals come in a BPA-free plastic, microwave safe container. Open the lid half way, and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.
The containers are all freezer safe but we do recommend putting them in a food saver or ziplock bag to retain maximum freshness if you're freezing your meals.
The born-on date is listed on the label and we recommend that you consume or freeze items within the following time frames:

  • Seafood and egg meals within the first two-three days
  • Chicken meals within the first three-four days
  • Pork and beef within five-six days
  • Protein bars within seven-ten days
If you don't have access to a microwave, we recommend laying the meals on parchment paper (toaster or oven) at 350° for 5-10 minutes.
We make all of our cold-pressed juices in house so you know each one of them has the Kathy's Table stamp of approval!

Learn more about our juices here.

Top Notch Service

We keep things simple for our customers so they don't have to worry about food prep but we're always here if you have any questions!

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