Cold-Pressed Juices

Shake Well. Live Well.


Why Cold Pressed?

Cold-pressed juicers use a hydraulic press that extracts every bit of goodness from fresh fruits and vegetables. Since there’s no heat involved, cold-pressed juice retains more vitamins, nutrients, and flavor than traditional centrifugal juice extractors. All of our cold-pressed juices are made in-house and can be picked up individually or as part of a juice cleanse.

juice cleanse
juice cleanse



All our juices are made from nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives or sweeteners. We have a dedicated nutritionist on staff that personally supervises the cold-pressed juices we make in-house. At Kathy’s Table, we only make pure, natural juice!


Juice Cleanse Pack

Since your body easily absorbs the available nutrients, juice cleansing is a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables and cut down on food waste.

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